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Leather Hides
First quality, fresh, whole hides are produced daily that conform to automotive specifications and are available in three grain styles and a variety of colors.
Color and grain on the web is an accurate duplication vs. actual.
Slight manufacturing variation exists from batch to batch but product is inspected to master for color approval prior to shipment.
"Natural leather markings" exist on all hides in a random fashion. Careful planning of your patterns will allow a "natural" mark to be placed in an area that is not prominent.
Typical yield on any size hide is 60 to 65%.
When planning your interior job it is important to decide how many square feet you want to cover. Allow for fold over areas and seams, etc. Divide your required total square feet by 0.625 to consider yield. Knowing the average size of a hide, you can then determine the number of whole hides required to do the job.
In talking to many trim shops they always buy 1 extra hide up front... just in case.
Lead time for orders is approximately 4 weeks from payment authorization approval. If an order is cancelled before processing is completed there is a 40% restocking fee.

Sound Damper
Sound damper helps to reduce sound and vibration from external sources. It can also reduce heat flow into the vehicle by covering all small holes.
Sound damper sheeting should be the first application to your pre-cleaned interior floor and trunk floor.
This product should be used inside each door and to cover wheel wells on the inside of the trunk.
As you cover the passenger floor be sure to go as far up the cowl as possible.
After cleaning each surface simply peel off the brown paper backing and press sheet firmly to apply.
The foil surface is always the outer surface.

Heat Insulation Pad
Insulation pad reduces heat and sound from external sources.
Insulation should be used to cover your entire passenger and trunk compartment. Again, go as far up the cowl as possible.
Insulation should also be used behind each fabricated panel.
Insulation pad is applied on top of the sound damper directly under the carpet floor covering.

Felt Tape
Avoid unnecessary squeak and rattle noise by using this product between mating surfaces.
This black felt can also be used to cover the interior of glove boxes or other cavities you create.
After cleaning each surface simply peel off the brown paper backing and press felt firmly to apply.

Plastic Retainers
Extruded polypropylene and polyethylene retainers are for finishing seat cover trim. These clips replace hog rings.
The D975 style is used when the trim close-out can tolerate being seen. Two lengths of D975 are used, one sewn on each side of the trim being joined, then snapped together.
The D721 and D687 style is used when the trim close-out needs to be hidden. One length of each style is sewn to the trim being joined, then snapped together.
The D305 style is used to attach to seat wire. This is sewn to the cover and then pulled over the wire.
A flat style, D1192, is available and used for push pin reinforcement. This can also be used to create straight trim edges.

Convertible Top Fabric
Original equipment topping fabric for the world's finest automobiles from Haartz.
Stayfast, Stayfast Hot Rod and Twillfast have color on both sides for working convertible tops.
This material can also be used for removable hardtops and the boot area.
Cambria is specifically designed for covering hardtops as it has color only on one side.
2 yard minimum order
Cut yardage can't be returned unless the wrong color was shipped.

Convertible Top Rear Window Frame
CNC machined from billet aluminum and designed to produce superior fit and finish.
Frames come with stainless screws and a Lucite window.
The frames are chromed.

Fiberglass Armrests by Smart Parts
Hand laminated fiberglass with a sandable gel coat finish.
Armrest can be covered in any material or painted.
Each armrest has a large built-in hand pull feature.
Easy to install with 1/4 inch mounting screws and built-in anchor as part of the armrest.

Fiberglass Speaker Pod Map Pocket by Smart Parts
This map pocket is designed to accept most 6 inch speakers with a maximum grill width of 6 1/2 inches and 2 1/2 inch depth without cutting a hole in your door panel or skin. HOWEVER, you should purchase the map pocket before buying speakers so as to avoid any mismatching.
The features noted above for the armrests apply to the map pocket as well.

Interior Lights by Smart Parts
Two styles are available - oval and teardrop in either polished or satin finish.
The bezel of the light is milled aluminum and hardware is all stainless steel.
The light bulb is a cool soft #168 0.35 amp bulb designed not to burn upholstery.
The light socket is waterproof and can be used in wet conditions, such as roadsters or as an external side marker light.
The lens and wiring are included.
These items can be used as interior accent, dome light, under hoods or in trunks and can be mounted at any angle.

Convertible Top Replacements by Kee Manufacturing
Various top replacements are available for years 1940 to present day.
The tops are duplicates of the original OEM pattern.
If your top size or shape has been modified these replacements will not fit like the original.
These tops were not intended for vehicles that have been chopped.
Kee replacement tops are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for five years or 60 months.
It is strongly recommended that any new top should be installed by an experienced professional convertible top specialist.

Handling Charges
If you order by charge card a handling fee will be charged.
If you pay by money order or check there is no handling fee.
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